attitude of gladitude

Attitude of Gladitude: My Winter Summary

My winter was a winter of the Attitude of Gladitude.

I was gone for awhile, so it is time for a “What Did I Do Last Winter” post. Trust me, it was a lot longer.

What is “Gladitude“? Check out my friend super brave and #ChronicallyAwesome friend Brynn’s blog. She has created The #Gladitude Project. I love it.

Find ONE “small thing” that makes you feel “glad” that you didn’t overlook its presence in your day.Take a photo of that small thing, if you can.  Mark it with a “#gladitude”.

Sometimes you need to step back, take inventory, reveal to yourself your attitude of #Gladitude.

my family at ivy attitude of gladitude Family #Gladitude: Time with family this past fall and winter really stood out to me as particularly special. Attending the Thelonious Monk Institute International Jazz Competition and All-Star Gala Concert with my parents and sisters was spectacular. We build a mini vacation around it and laugh nonstop. This is a memory making event. One that I wrote about a bit in a previous blog.

The holiday season that includes both Christmas and Chanukkah is a time when I can cook for my family or sit back and marvel at how the children have grown and at how many people in our lives we are fortunate enough to call “family”.

The one thing that always stands out to me about every family event, no matter what time of year, is laughter. Everything else can be set aside to let in the laughter.

There was a time when my family was out of my arm’s reach. When you miss something and then get it back the desire to keep it is stronger, family love and the ties that bind us is, for me, #Gladitude! When I can be in a room and see the smiles on the faces of my family, and even better if I know I may have been responsible for those smiles, it fills me to capacity. Attitude of Gladitude!

Henny and Jules attitude of gladitudeFriendship #Gladitude: I have friends that have been at my side for the hardest things life has dealt me. These same friends have made me laugh harder than I ever thought I could laugh. Erik aka @hennybottle has done both. So, imagine my excitement when, finally, my “Henny” was coming to the left coast! When I saw Erik, I did something unusual for me, I ran. I ran and threw my arms around him. I squeezed him tight; then I did something typical: I cried.We only had one day in LA, and I wanted to show him a couple of my favorite things. Seeing his face when he saw the Pacific Ocean was such a joy. His gift to me was to be there and to allow me that moment. I was filled with #Gladitude because I helped give him that experience. Look at how cute we are.

Then there was the day I got on a plane and flew to Ohio! I had not seen my best friend, Donna Kay in a couple of years. Donna had been to LA, but life kept screwing up our visit frequency, but I made it out there! awesome girls attitude of gladitude I spent a fabulous week in Delaware and Columbus, Ohio. I got some winter while I was there. Donna and her man were amazing hosts to me, and the only problem was that we did not have enough time. We had girlie time, hair and make-up and all, we did an episode of Chronic Chronicles, and I got to see Melissa.

Melissa is someone I have also known online close to seven years. Meeting her was an unexpected and truly wonderful gift on this trip. I would have loved to spend more time with Melissa. You may know her as DrSnit or NotDrSnit.

Spending time with Donna Kay, and hanging out with Melissa for a winter week in Ohio was priceless. If there were a way to fit anymore #ChronicallyAwesome #Gladitude in this photo, the camera would explode.

Photos with friends, I wish I took more for this Attitude of Gladitude moment!

Giving #Gladitude: If you are spending your life getting and doing but not giving, you are missing out on something special.
I sponsor two children in Kolkata, India debasmita gifts attitude of gladitudevia Children International.  I began by sponsoring 12-year-old Debasmita. Not long after I sent Debasmita a package of fun things, I began sponsoring her brother, Debopriyo. At that time, I asked someone at CI to please check in with the regional office. I found out that for not much money (relatively speaking) I could get both children backpacks, nutritional drinks, and most importantly, a new family bed.debasmitas family attidude of gladitude For a small amount more they were able to get a lot of staple foods. I just wanted them to have a good night’s sleep and a way to carry books to school, but look, look! The photos I received after they got what they needed made me sing with #Gladitude.

I can imagine the relief that mother must be feeling, trust me, I can.
There are large and small things, near and far things anyone can do. That is my giving Attitude of Gladitude.

Donna Kay and I visited an amazing patient in the hospital who needed advocacy. The #ChronicallyAwesome dynamic duo of DK and Jules were able to get him the help he needed with pain management. Equally as important, we spent some time with him chatting and laughing. I could not get you an Attitude of Gladitude photo on this one.
So, hey, “N”, if you are reading this: Rock on! You are #ChronicallyAwesome!

The #Gladitude of Activity.
I am back in the kitchen. I holiday baked for four days!

flowers at the LA flower market attitude of gladitudeThen there is my wanderlust. If you follow me online, or here, you know that I am a recovering agoraphobic. I could not go anywhere loud or unfamiliar. Now, however, I have wandered the flower and garment district of downtown Los Angeles, in the Abbot Kinney District of Venice. I love hanging out here, in Laguna, with all of the galleries and shops, and our miles of beach to walk on. I do not mind spending time ALONE.

Once a nervous nellie, jumping at every sound, now I “go with the flow“. You can see me stuck in traffic; I am the one not honking. I am the one “car-dancing” and singing.

My ace therapist, pain management team, my husband and family, my #ChronicallyAwesome friends, and me, yes me are who I thank for this joy and #Gladitude. I have grown. I have been on quite a journey. I used to live #ChronicallyFearful. I am no longer afraid. I owe so much to the people whose happiness and strength have given me the same. Who have had the patience to wait out the storm I was in.

Now it’s time for a new year. Where will you find your #Gladitude? For me, there is more to come.

I don’t promise you—

I promise me.