Change: A Video Blog

Change: A Video Blog and the beginning of a new season of WhatTheJules: The Vlog

In my world, change has never really been a good thing. This anonymous quote seemed to sum change up pretty well for me: “Fear, uncertainty, and discomfort are your compasses toward growth.”
I see only one issue here. either we have three compasses here, or one compass with three directions. That leaves me with one more uncertainty. What is the fourth direction? Obviously, there are thousands of directions on a compass. I am really just trying to get to those four major directions. Is indecision the same as uncertainty? No? Ok! Solved.
Now, assuming our quotation is true, then someone has chucked a magnet in my compass bag, or I am in the Bermuda Triangle. The compass is spinning in all directions. Again, assuming truth in the words, I appear to be growing like a mighty oak… or a weed.

Whatever the case may be, enough with the growth already. I am getting old. I have grown more in the last two years than some people do from puberty on into death. It’s been a very big couple of years. It’s a good thing, I know that. I will get to realizing that soon. I know who to thank for that. They will get their thanks, if they ever let me do it.

Meanwhile… Let’s smack this…. up.

Thank you for watching. This vlog is a prolog to the blog that follows, “The One About The Ch Ch Ch Cha Changes”.