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Chronically Awesome

After a year of Tweeting about Chronically Awesome, and using the #ChronicallyAwesome tag, WEGO Health has asked health activists, “If your blog had a tagline, what would it be?”

The answer is clear to me.

Not Chronically Ill, Chronically Awesome“Chronically Awesome” is not just a tagline for a blog. Chronically Awesome is me, my goals, my lifestyle, and something that I desire for my readers. And when my dream finally came true, it’s what The Chronically Awesome Foundation became about.

Chronically Awesome is a lifestyle for the chronically ill. Chronically Awesome is about taking the word ill out of our thinking, and being as awesome as we can be every day.
The focus of my writing, my tweets, my life, is about finding “the thing” in each situation. (You’ll often hear me say, or see in my writing “Here’s the thing”.) Every moment in our lives helps to create the next one, so we are always building up to better and better things. When we try to be our very best, we are guaranteeing that the next moment will be even better, and so on. So, when we find “the thing” that is good in our lives, and build upon that, we are building upon a foundation that is solid.

Chronically Awesome is an additive process. The Chronically Awesome are always building, always pacing ourselves to do the most, the best, never giving up, never giving in.

You never lose by trying.marathon crossing finish line

Does this work each, and every time? Let’s be real, of course not. We cannot control everything around us, but we can control how we look at things. We can control how we frame the things that happen.

As a group of bloggers, writers, and artists, it is important that we can share our work, our stories, our struggles with the world. That is awareness. To that end, I have created a HashTag and Facebook page to encourage bloggers and writers to share their work with the Chronically Awesome Community. The tag is #BlogSupport. The blogging group is called The Chronically Awesome Bloggers.

I encourage writers and bloggers to post links to their work to www.facebook.com/chronicallyawesomebloggers, and when they post links to Twitter, to use the tag #Blogsupport. This again helps create awareness. Awareness for not just one, or a handful of chronic conditions, but for any chronic condition. Chronically Awesome does not silo conditions but unites them.

A great tagline is one that you can use in all kinds of places, and in so many ways.

Chronically Awesome is pragmatic.

Dare to be RemarkableBeing Chronically Awesome does not ignore what is going on in us, and around us. Rather, we choose to find the gifts that life brings us even on this path that we did not choose. I did not choose illness. And while I did not choose this, here I am. And, since I am living this way I am finding paths to happiness from this chair, or bed, or couch. I have found a path to happiness through writing and spreading what I have to offer to others.

I want to know what your awesomeness is. I want to see how you spread the gifts that you have found, the gifts that came to you totally by accident because life heaved you down this path of illness. Find that gift, and use it to be a little less chronic, because that makes you a lot of awesome.

So, what is your thing?