Dear Donald Trump, Those Deeply Troubled Girls

“She’s probably deeply deeply troubled and probably great in bed. How come the deeply troubled, you know, the deeply deeply troubled are always the best in bed?”
– Donald J. Trump

Deeply Troubled Girls

Dear Mr.Trump, 

Being Bipolar, I have heard comments like this for years. There is a “crazy girl” perception in the world that is often perpetuated in films and in books. You think that we, mentally ill women, are better in bed. These stigmatizing ideas were not invented by you and Howard Stern, but they are often spewed by you with your ‘locker room talk’.

When you repeat untrue and disgusting comments you make it clear that you know nothing about mental illness. When you brag that you take advantage of mentally ill women, when you even hint about ‘troubled girl’ conquests, you further the stigma of mental illness. This particular stigma encourages the sexual assault of mentally ill bipolar women not just in America, but worldwide.

“If you want to represent The United States both here and abroad you have to do better.”

If you want to be our nation’s leader and serve me, and my fellow citizens you have to do better. If you want to represent The United States you have to do better. As a man, you have to do better. If you want to proclaim yourself a member of the human race, come on man, this kind of discussion and behavior is beyond the pale.

Your job should you become president is to respect and lift up the people you serve. All of us. All men and women: the mentally ill, chronically ill, the poor and the middle class in every neighborhood. You should be breaking stigmas, not perpetuating them.

We hear you, and your words tell us clearly that you are not a leader. You are an obscene, abusive man in deep need of  discipline, psychiatric care, and mental health education.

I have no reason to believe you will apologize because to do so you would have to admit you did something wrong. The day you admit you are wrong, the day you apologize is the day you will become the President of The United States. So, absolutely never.

“You simply have to do better.”

I can only wish for you that you find some empathy, find some introspection, find a way to become a part of this race that we call human.


Julianna L. Shapiro
Mental Health Activist