Honors & Kindnesses

Honors & Kindnesses

By the accidental coincidence of chronic illness, I have found my passion. Each day that I am able to do something to use that accidental coincidence and turn it into a happy accident I will do just that.

The payoff is that helping others makes me feel better.

Each day that passes as a health activist and advocate I hope to get better. I learn more about empathy and I get farther away from my symptoms. On the days that I do that the best, the days that I think the least about me and the most about you I am fortunate enough to be recognized with honors & kindnesses like the ones you will see below. It is like being paid to work at my passion every day.

Thank you to everyone who taught me to look through windows and not at mirrors.

2017 WEGO Health “Health Activist Awards” Nominations

Thank you to those who nominated both the foundation and me for the following nominations or awards:

BipolarHope.com – BP Hope Magazine, “Bipolar & Getting A Grip On Mania” by Donna Jackel

January 7, 2017
Thank you, Donna, for your kindness and compassion, and for handling a sensitive topic with great Care. Thank you, BP Hope, for the honor of selecting me as a part of this article.

Bipolar & Getting a Grip on Mania

Manic episodes in bipolar play out differently for different people, but often have scorching consequences. Learning about triggers, symptoms, and effective treatments is important.


2016 WEGO Health “Health Activist Awards” Nominations

Thank you to those who nominated both the foundation and me for the following awards:

advocating best-community best-facebook

Jules produces several Twitter newspapers like the Chronically Awesome Reader and Blog Support Daily where she curates and shares the best information on Twitter about invisible illnesses, chronic illnesses, pain, and mental illness. She uses Twitter to give hope to those of us living with chronic pain.  — Jessica


best-in-show-twitter best-team
It means so much that you recognize and appreciate the work that Chronically Awesome and I do in the Health community.

When people say “to be nominated is truly an honor on its own” it is really true.

Thank you

Latuda and WEGO Health Bipolar Depression Sharing Hub and Bipolar Patient Leaders You Should Know

I was selected to participate in a series of videos for Latuda’s Bipolar Depression Sharing Hub. This project was a fun and informative way to help other patients with Bipolar Disorder to learn about symptoms of Bipolar and Bipolar Depression.

WEGO Health Latuda Bipolar Depression Sharing Hub










The “Bipolar Patient Leaders You Should Know” is a section where activists like myself are listed so that other patients can reach out to us with questions or visit our blogs should they need help.

This is exactly the type of advocacy and activism that I enjoy and want to be a part of. When I can help other patients to understand their illness and explain what life is like I feel like these years have not been a waste and that there is a good sum total to what has often looked like a messy equation.