Purple Masquerade mask

We All Have An Identity, It Should Never Be Forgotten

We are all individuals and fit in each other’s hearts in special ways. Never forget how you fit in someone’sone’s heart. Each step you take on the path of someone’s soul leaves a footprint. What footprint are you leaving today? Are you thinking about it when you take that step, or just running to get your needs met on your terms? I feel sometimes like I am losing my identity. Especially since I have not been working. I try so hard to be me and have rarely had to deal with this, but now and again I get slammed with the reality that I don’t have what I used to. It reminds me of the period of time shortly after my daughter was born. People stopped asking how I was, and I was no longer “Julianna”. I was “Kelsey’s Mom”.Will I now just be “Larry’s Wife”? Will I just be the one at home? The sick one? The one with the blog, the housewife? What am I now? It’s too soon to tell I suppose. Many masks on a wall!

One thing is certain, I am defensive about the whole thing. It has happened a few times this week already that I have been sitting right here with a phone on my desk and another in my pocket, with 5 email addresses and 6 twitter accounts to choose from. That’s not to mention a yahoo and an MSN messenger account. No less than three times this week, with all of those ways of contacting me available, has someone called my husband and asked him to tell me something. So today I would like to remind the world that I still exist. My piece of the puzzle has not been lost in some vacuum bag that was later sent to a landfill. I am chronically at home, but home is not exile. I am productive and I have a very active and rather brilliant mind at work here. Don’t be afraid to call me or email me or text me. If I don’t answer your call that second, I just might be in the shower or on the toilet… I may even be on another line talking to another person that acknowledges my existence. In your haste to get what you need so quickly that you perform an end around, you have trampled me a bit. The ugly boot print hasn’t even gotten you what you wanted. Thanks for letting me rant. I will now return to my usually helpful and possibly uplifting blog.





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