International Day of Awesomeness

International Day of Awesomeness

Day of Awesomeness



Happy International Awesomeness Day!


What makes me “Chronically Awesome”?

International Awesomeness? Awesomeness celebrated throughout the world! Well, that is cool. We are not talking about a trait like hazel eyes or being 5′ 9″. Awesomeness is not a talent, as in, “this is something that makes me better than you.” Awesomeness is a skill, something that is practiced, failed, practiced again, and practiced again. The more one practices, the greater and greater the result.

Chronically Awesome, and just awesome in general has allowed me to power through, with sturdiness, or grace, or vulnerability when I have felt unwell or when those around me have been unwell. When I am at my most awesome, I can deal with the rude or incomprehensible things that those around me have said even though those people say that they love me.

awesomeness treeAwesomeness is that seed that is planted inside of you with a simple idea that you are stronger than your pain. Awesomeness takes root when the idea does because you believe in it. You believe it because you witness it in others and you begin to feel it working in yourself. Awesomeness flourishes when the tree trunk makes you taller, and the branches make you stronger. Awesomeness glows within you when the buds emerge, and the flowers bloom.

For me, above all, being awesome means I have the strength to go it alone while being #ChronicallyAwesome means knowing that I do not have to.