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Reluctant Activist

Hello and Welcome. I am Julianna “Jules” Shapiro. I am #chronicallyawesome. I am an essayist and a blogger. I am a reluctant activist.

What does “Reluctant Activist” mean?

I don’t think I would be doing what I am doing today except my life got flip turned upside down. My reluctance was also this: I would rather be doing a million things that I can no longer do.

But, I keep moving forward. Though I have stumbled, many times.

I write about how I came to terms with anger, grief, pain, depression and all of the other things that come with change. I write about hope, mindfulness, and how I screw it all up sometimes.


So, I laugh. What else can I do? I have cried enough. I cannot even cry anymore I have cried so much.

This blog will, at times, be inappropriate. This blog, at times, will make you angry, and make you laugh.

I don’t write specifically about my stuff all of the time, I do not silo illnesses.That is why I started in 2011; all inclusive, all are welcome, association. A nonprofit dedicated to the care, and support of those who are thriving, surviving, and yes, sometimes suffering. It was already there, with my friend Julianna, spreading the self-identifying term since its creation in 2009; it was a natural step.

It is called Chronically Awesome.

I write about living with illness, I write about my life, and what I see going on in our community. Sometimes I just write about “stuff”.

I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend.




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