Mental Illness Awareness

Mental Illness Awareness WeekOctober 5th-11th is Mental Illness Awareness Week.

Awareness is our NUMBER ONE tool in fighting stigma. It always surprises me that stigma exists when you see the statistic below. With so many Americans touched by Mental Illness, how can it be that there are any Americans who believe they are NOT touched by these diseases?

While the #ChronicallyAwesome Foundation works daily to educate, and spread awareness about multiple conditions, including mental health: This is the week we work even harder to BUST STIGMA, to RAISE AWARENESS.

WHY? It’s simple.

Mental Health is Everyone’s Health.

Share your story. Post your blog links to our Chronically Awesome Bloggers page. Tell us about your battle with stigma, raising awareness, or living with your mental illness.

“One in four adults−approximately 61.5 million Americans−experiences mental illness in a given year.
One in 17−about 13.6 million−live with a serious mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, major depression or bipolar disorder.” – NIMH